Trigtech Ar10 Duty Flat 3.5lb Blk

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  • Trigtech Ar10 Duty Flat 3.5lb Blk
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The Trigtech Ar10 Duty Flat 3.5lb Blk is a high-performance trigger designed for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Inspired by the needs of competitive shooters and Mil/LE operators, this trigger offers reliability and outstanding performance in the most demanding situations.

What sets the Ar10 Duty trigger apart is its robust construction and superior performance features. Designed with the user's needs in mind, TriggerTech has implemented their advanced Zero Creep Technology, ensuring a crisp and consistent trigger break every time. This means that you can rely on the trigger's performance, even in the harshest environments.

One of the key features that users loved about the original TriggerTech triggers was their exceptional service life. The Ar10 Duty trigger continues this trend with its proprietary design that has been proven to outlast the competition. This means that you can rely on this trigger to perform consistently, shot after shot.

Upon receiving feedback from users, TriggerTech made sure to address their requests. The Ar10 Duty trigger offers a longer and heavier first-stage pull, as well as a heavier reset force. These features make it ideal for use in close quarter engagements, law enforcement, military operations, 3 Gun competitions, and even varmint hunting.

The Ar10 Duty trigger also boasts a range of advanced technologies, such as TKR Technology, CLKR Technology, and FLTWR Technology. These advanced features contribute to the trigger's superior reliability and performance, ensuring that you can shoot with confidence every time.

In terms of design, the Ar10 Duty trigger features a straight flat trigger lever type, offering a comfortable and natural grip. Its single-stage action combined with a 3.5lb break provides a smooth and responsive shooting experience.

If you are looking for a high-quality trigger that delivers exceptional reliability and performance, the Trigtech Ar10 Duty Flat 3.5lb Blk is the perfect choice. Designed for professionals and enthusiasts who demand the best, this trigger will exceed your expectations in every way.
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