Trigtech Ar10 Duty Curve 3.5lb Blk

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  • Trigtech Ar10 Duty Curve 3.5lb Blk
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The Trigtech AR10 Duty Curve 3.5lb Blk is an outstanding addition to the TriggerTech product lineup. This trigger was designed based on feedback from professional shooters and MIL/LE operators who require exceptional performance in competition and demanding environments alike.

Reliability is a top priority for shooters, and the AR Duty Triggers deliver on this aspect. With a confident and consistent performance, these triggers can withstand even the harshest conditions, ensuring that you can rely on them when it matters most.

The Trigger Break of the AR Duty Triggers is truly exceptional. Thanks to the Zero Creep Technology, you will experience a crisp break every time you pull the trigger. Say goodbye to any unsteady or mushy trigger pulls.

Furthermore, the service life of these triggers is far superior to others on the market. The proprietary design ensures longevity and durability, outlasting the competition and providing you with a trigger that will go the distance.

In response to customer feedback, TriggerTech has introduced several key features in the AR Duty line. Shooters asked for a longer and heavier first-stage pull and a heavier reset force, and TriggerTech has delivered. These triggers offer a longer take-up on two stages and a forceful reset, allowing for rapid follow-up shots and quick target engagement.

The Trigtech AR10 Duty Curve 3.5lb Blk boasts a traditional curved trigger lever type and operates as a single-stage trigger. It has a 3.5-pound break, providing a balanced and crisp pull for precise shooting. The overtravel is set at 0.060", and the reset is 0.070".

Whether you are engaged in close-quarter combat, operating in harsh environments, or participating in law enforcement, military, 3-gun, or varmint hunting activities, the AR Duty line is designed to meet your needs. With the Trigtech AR10 Duty Curve 3.5lb Blk, you can trust that you have a reliable, high-performance trigger at a cost-sensitive price point.

Upgrade your AR with the Trigtech AR10 Duty Curve 3.5lb Blk and experience the difference in performance and reliability.
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