Vltor SCAR Enhanced Rifle Stock Adjustable Polymer Black

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  • Vltor SCAR Enhanced Rifle Stock Adjustable Polymer Black
  • Vltor SCAR Enhanced Rifle Stock Adjustable Polymer Black
  • Vltor SCAR Enhanced Rifle Stock Adjustable Polymer Black
  • Vltor SCAR Enhanced Rifle Stock Adjustable Polymer Black
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The Vltor SCAR Enhanced Rifle Stock is a game-changer for owners of the FN SCAR rifle. Designed to address the shortcomings of the factory rifle, this adjustable polymer stock is a must-have upgrade for any serious shooter.

One of the major improvements that Vltor has made with this stock is the addition of built-in storage. The standard SCAR buttstock lacks storage space, but Vltor has solved this problem by incorporating storage behind the buttpad. This space is perfect for storing cleaning rods, batteries, additional cleaning supplies, or spare parts. Now, you can have all your essential items right at your fingertips when you need them most.

Furthermore, Vltor has re-shaped the buttpad to provide a more natural transition to the ready position. With a negative pitch, you can expect a comfortable and ergonomic shooting experience. No more awkward positioning or discomfort during extended shooting sessions. This stock is designed with your comfort and convenience in mind.

Additionally, Vltor has added QD sling swivel sockets in the upper-rear portion of the stock, allowing for enhanced sling mounting options. You can easily attach your preferred sling for improved weapon retention and maneuverability. This is a significant improvement over the limited sling mounting options offered by the factory buttstock.

Durability is also a key feature of the Vltor SCAR Enhanced Rifle Stock. A metal reinforcement plate has been added to provide greater impact resistance, ensuring this stock can handle the demands of rigorous use. You can trust that this stock will withstand the test of time and intense shooting sessions.

Rest assured, the adjustment mechanism of the OE SCAR buttstock remains unmodified with this upgrade. The same method of operation is retained, so you can seamlessly transition to using this new stock without having to relearn any controls. The side-fold functionality remains unchanged as well, and there is sufficient clearance for firing while folded.

In conclusion, the Vltor SCAR Enhanced Rifle Stock is the perfect upgrade for your FN SCAR rifle. With added storage, improved comfort, enhanced sling mounting options, and impeccable durability, this stock brings countless benefits to your shooting experience. Upgrade your SCAR rifle today and experience the difference for yourself.
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