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US Optics US OPTICS 2.5-20X50 FFP JVCR

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  • US Optics US OPTICS 2.5-20X50 FFP JVCR
  • US Optics US OPTICS 2.5-20X50 FFP JVCR
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The US Optics US OPTICS 2.5-20X50 FFP JVCR is a high-quality riflescope designed to meet the needs of long-range hunters and precision competitors. With its impressive features and durable construction, this scope is a reliable companion for any shooting activity.

Featuring a wide range of magnification from 2.5x to 20x, this scope allows you to adapt to different shooting scenarios. Whether you need up-close shots or want to reach out past 1,000 yards, the TS-20X has got you covered. The parallax adjustment feature ensures clear and precise targeting, even at various distances.

Designed with top-tier optical technology, the TS-20X delivers exceptional clarity and image quality. The ED (Extra-Low Dispersion) Glass reduces chromatic aberration and enhances color accuracy, providing you with sharp and vivid images. You can trust this scope to bring out the details, giving you an advantage during your hunting or competitive shooting sessions.

Built to withstand rugged conditions, the TS-20X features a sturdy 34mm aluminum body. It can endure the harshest environmental elements, ensuring long-lasting performance. Additionally, the scope offers ample amounts of elevation and windage travel, allowing you to make precise adjustments and fine-tune your shots accurately.

The US Optics US OPTICS 2.5-20X50 FFP JVCR also provides excellent field of view options at different magnifications. With a 20X field of view of 2.2 meters at 100 meters, a 12X field of view of 3.8 meters, a 3X field of view of 11.3 meters, and a 2.5X field of view of 14 meters, you can easily acquire and track your targets.

Whether you are a professional precision shooter or an avid hunter, the US Optics US OPTICS 2.5-20X50 FFP JVCR is ready to elevate your shooting experience. With its exceptional optics, durable construction, and ample magnification options, this riflescope will maximize your rifle's performance capabilities and help you excel in any shooting endeavor.
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