TRUGLO TFX Pro H&K VP9/VP40/P30/P30SK/P30L/45 Night Sight Set

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  • TRUGLO TFX Pro H&K VP9/VP40/P30/P30SK/P30L/45 Night Sight Set
  • TRUGLO TFX Pro H&K VP9/VP40/P30/P30SK/P30L/45 Night Sight Set
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TRUGLO TFX Pro H&K VP9/VP40/P30/P30SK/P30L/45 Night Sight Set is a must-have accessory for outdoor and shooting enthusiasts. Innovatively designed and based in Richardson, Texas, TRUGLO is known for its technologically advanced and innovative products.

With these sights, you can have the convenience, confidence, and safety you need in both day and night conditions. No matter the lighting conditions, you can quickly acquire the proper sight alignment. The TFX Pro sights feature fully protected TFO technology in a hermetically sealed TFX capsule, making them virtually indestructible. Even with exposure to oils, chemicals, solvents, and ultrasonic cleaning, these sights will remain unaffected.

The front sight of the TFX Pro features a glow in the dark Swiss Tritium capsule, ensuring unmatched visibility in low-light situations. It also includes a contrasting Orange Focus-Lock ring for faster focus and quicker sight alignment. The rear sight boasts Swiss Tritium U-notch sights with black locking rings to improve front sight acquisition. These CNC machined snag-resistant sights are protected with a FORTRESS finish, delivering maximum protection and durability.

In terms of functionality, the aggressively angled rear sight edge is specifically designed for emergency one-handed operation for easier slide racking. The TRUGLO TFX Pro is compatible with the Heckler and Koch VP9, VP40, P30, P30SK, P30L, 45, and 45 Tactical models, including the Compact variant. These sights are designed to fit standard holsters, making them even more convenient for everyday carry.

If you are in need of bright night sights for your carry pistol, TRUGLO TFX Pro is the perfect choice. No other sights on the market offer the same level of toughness and advanced technology. With TRUGLO TFX Pro, you can trust that you will always have a clear sight picture, whether it's day or night.
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