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True Prec Bbl P365xl 9mm Cpr Tb

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  • True Prec Bbl P365xl 9mm Cpr Tb
  • True Prec Bbl P365xl 9mm Cpr Tb
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The True Prec Bbl P365xl 9mm Cpr Tb is a high-quality firearm component designed for personal defense. Manufactured by True Precision, Inc., this product is made in the USA using certified 416R stainless steel sourced from American companies. True Precision is committed to providing individuals with top-notch parts and components for a wide range of firearms.

This drop-in design is specifically engineered to fit the P365 (3.1"), P365 SAS, and P365X models. The advanced proprietary broach cut design enhances accuracy potential, allowing for precise and reliable shot placement. With a broach cut 6 groove rifling, this barrel enables the use of all types of ammunition, including cast lead bullets.

With a 9mm 1/10RH twist rifling, this True Precision barrel meets SAAMI spec chamber requirements. The special deep style target crown on non-threaded versions ensures optimal performance and accuracy. For threaded versions, a 1/2x28 thread protector is included, securing the barrel and preventing damage during use.

The True Prec Bbl P365xl 9mm Cpr Tb is designed for easy installation, allowing gun owners to quickly upgrade their firearms. The barrel's length from chamber to muzzle is 3.62", and it weighs a mere 2.3oz without the thread protector. This lightweight design ensures that the firearm remains balanced and easy to handle.

Whether you are a responsible citizen looking to enhance your personal defense firearm or a professional in the field, the True Prec Bbl P365xl 9mm Cpr Tb offers outstanding quality, accuracy, and reliability. Trust in True Precision's commitment to manufacturing their products in the USA, ensuring that you are receiving a superior firearm component that meets the highest standards. Upgrade your P365, P365 SAS, or P365X with the True Prec Bbl P365xl 9mm Cpr Tb and experience enhanced performance like never before.
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