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Timney Savage Axis/Edge Trigger Adjustable from 1.5-4 Pounds Steel Nickel

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  • Timney Savage Axis/Edge Trigger Adjustable from 1.5-4 Pounds Steel Nickel
  • Timney Savage Axis/Edge Trigger Adjustable from 1.5-4 Pounds Steel Nickel
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The Timney Savage Axis/Edge Trigger is a high-quality accessory that can greatly enhance the performance of your rifle. If you're tired of wide groups and inconsistent breaks, this trigger is the perfect solution to improve your accuracy and tighten your shots.

Crafted from solid steel, this trigger is built to withstand the most demanding shooting conditions. Its CNC machined construction guarantees a precise and consistent performance, shot after shot. To further enhance its durability, the trigger is nickel-plated and case hardened, providing resistance against wear and tear, ensuring that it will last for years to come.

With its drop-in design, installation is quick and hassle-free. The adjustable feature allows you to fine-tune the trigger pull weight to meet your specific needs, ranging from a light and sensitive 1.5 pounds to a slightly heavier, yet still manageable, 4 pounds. This versatility ensures that you can find the perfect balance between precision and comfort.

Designed specifically for Savage Axis/Edge rifles, this Timney trigger is tailor-made to seamlessly integrate with your firearm. It is engineered with meticulous attention to detail and precision, ensuring a perfect fit and flawless operation. Whether you're a competitive shooter, a hunting enthusiast, or a casual gun owner, this trigger will undoubtedly elevate your shooting experience.

Investing in a Timney Trigger is the smart choice for any rifle owner looking to improve their accuracy and overall shooting performance. With its smooth and consistent break, adjustable trigger pull weight, and durable construction, this trigger is the key to unlocking the full potential of your Savage Axis/Edge rifle. Don't settle for subpar triggers that hinder your accuracy when you can upgrade to the Timney Savage Axis/Edge Trigger and experience a whole new level of precision and control.

Enhance your shooting experience with the Timney Savage Axis/Edge Trigger - the ultimate upgrade for your rifle.
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