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Oncore Archery Target Boar

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The Oncore Archery Target Boar is a versatile and cost-effective solution for your archery practice needs. Designed to be a reliable alternative to both 3D and paper targets, this target offers exceptional durability and weather resistance.

Crafted from 5/8-inch self-healing closed cell foam, the Oncore Archery Target Boar is built to withstand even the toughest hits. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced archer, the foam material ensures that your arrows penetrate the target without causing significant damage. This self-healing feature ensures that the target remains in top-notch condition even after multiple practice sessions.

Not only is the Oncore Archery Target Boar built to last, but it is also weather resistant. Rain or shine, you can depend on this target to perform at its best. The specially designed foam material repels moisture, making it suitable for outdoor use and reliable against the elements. No matter the weather conditions, your archery practice can continue uninterrupted with this resilient target.

Another highlight of the Oncore Archery Target Boar is its easy installation process. The target can be effortlessly mounted to any safe backstop, allowing for versatile usage. Whether you prefer to practice in your backyard, on a range, or at an archery club, this target can be easily set up in various locations. Simply find a secure and suitable backstop, attach the target securely, and you are ready to start honing your archery skills.

Overall, the Oncore Archery Target Boar offers a cost-effective and efficient solution for archers of all levels. Its 5/8-inch self-healing foam construction guarantees excellent durability, while its weather resistance ensures reliability in any outdoor conditions. With its easy mounting feature, this target allows for versatile installation in different practice locations. Choose the Oncore Archery Target Boar for an exceptional archery experience that combines affordability, longevity, and convenience.
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