Mepro Mor Bulls 2.2 Moa Red Lsr/ir

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  • Mepro Mor Bulls 2.2 Moa Red Lsr/ir
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The MOR PRO by Meprolight is a multi-purpose reflex sight used be the IDF as well as other Special Forces units around the world. The MOR PRO features a unique combination of aiming systems: a holographic reticle, a visible laser (in either red or green), and an infrared laser for use with night vision goggles. The holographic reticle is illuminated with three independent systems: a fiber optic light collector for daytime use, a tritium lamp for use in dark environments, and an adjustable LED emitter for an extra bright reticle. This means that the MOR PRO will continue to function in the unlikely event that one of the illumination sources fail or if the batteries are low or completely dead. The LED emitter and two lasers are powered by two independent and commonly available AA batteries, and can function even when one is out of power allowing greater runtime and providing an added level of security. The MRO PROs dual lasers can be activated by a PTL cable switch that can be positioned at various points on the host weapon for quick access, and features two activation methods: momentary mode and constant mode. Momentary mode will activate the laser (either visible or IR) for as long as the PTL switch is held down. Constant mode will activate the laser (either visible or IR) with a single press of the PTL switch, and will remain active until PTL switch is pressed again to deactivate it. Switching between momentary mode and constant mode can be achieved by double clicking the PTL switch, and the user can choose between the visible laser and IR laser via a multi-position switch on the body of the MOR PRO. An innovative feature of the MOR PRO is the PTL Fault Indicator, which will inform the operator of a defective PTL switch by rapidly flashing the reticle. Another advanced feature of the MOR PRO is single bore sighting mechanism. This allows the operator to zero one of the systems (reticle, visible laser, or IR laser), and the rest of the systems will automatically zero in at the same time. In addition, the MOR PRO is available in the following reticles: a 2.2 MOA bullseye and a 2.2 MOA dot.

Features :
  • Three different aiming systems: reticle visible laser (in either red or green), and an invisible infrared laser
  • Single Zeroing Mechanism: allows user to zero in one system and the others will automatically zero at the same time
  • Four power sources: fiber optic, tritium, and two independent AA batteries for constant power
  • PTL Cable Switch: can be positioned at any point on the host weapon for easy access
  • Constant Mode: activates either laser with press of PTL switch, and will remain active until PTL switch is pressed again
  • Momentary Mode: activates laser for as long as PTL switch is held down
  • PTL fault indicator: informs user of defective PTL cable by rapidly flashing reticle
  • Available in either a 2.2 MOA bullseye reticle or 2.2 MOA dot
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