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Maple Leaf Target Face 3-spot Vertical 25 Pk.

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The Maple Leaf Target Face 3-spot Vertical 25 Pk. is the ultimate target face for all archery enthusiasts. Designed to meet the high standards of Official World Archery, this target face is a must-have for serious archers looking to improve their accuracy and precision.

The target face features a vertical 3 spot design, allowing archers to practice their shots at three distinct spots on the face. This not only adds a new level of challenge to the practice session but also helps archers focus on different areas of their aim. With this target face, archers can effectively target different points and fine-tune their skills.

Printed on medium weight card stock, this target face offers optimal durability. It can withstand the impact of multiple arrows without tearing or getting damaged easily. This ensures that archers can enjoy longer shooting sessions without having to worry about constantly replacing their target faces. The sturdy construction of this target face adds to its overall reliability and makes it a great investment for archers of all levels.

The dimensions of the target face are 26"x8.5", making it the perfect size for indoor or outdoor archery ranges. The large size ensures that archers have a clear and visible target to aim at, even from a considerable distance. This aids in improving focus and accuracy, enabling archers to consistently hit the desired spots on the target face.

Whether you are a professional archer or an amateur looking to refine your skills, the Maple Leaf Target Face 3-spot Vertical 25 Pk. is the ideal choice. Its official World Archery certification guarantees its quality, while its vertical 3 spot design and medium weight card stock ensure an unmatched shooting experience. Invest in this target face today and take your archery skills to new heights.
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