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Magpul SGA Remington 870 - Orange

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  • Magpul SGA Remington 870 - Orange
  • Magpul SGA Remington 870 - Orange
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The Magpul SGA Remington 870 - Orange is a highly versatile and customizable buttstock designed specifically for the Remington 870 12ga shotgun. With its innovative features, this buttstock adds adjustability and improved functionality to the classic American firearm.

Designed with user-configurability in mind, the SGA Stock features a spacer system that allows for length of pull adjustment. This means that shooters of all sizes can find their perfect fit, resulting in improved comfort and accuracy. No matter if you have long or short arms, this buttstock can be tailored to your specific needs.

In addition to its adjustable design, the SGA Stock also boasts enhanced grip ergonomics. This ensures a secure and comfortable hold on your shotgun, even during prolonged shooting sessions. With this improved grip, you can have better control over your firearm, allowing for more precise aiming and faster target acquisition.

The ambidextrous design of the SGA Stock makes it compatible for both right and left-handed shooters. No matter your dominant hand, you can easily and comfortably operate your Remington 870 with this buttstock. This level of versatility ensures that anyone can benefit from the features and benefits it offers.

One of the standout features of the SGA Stock is its recoil-reducing butt-pad. This pad is designed to minimize felt recoil, resulting in less strain on your shoulder and a more comfortable shooting experience. By reducing recoil, this buttstock allows for quicker follow-up shots, ensuring that you can stay on target with ease.

To cater to individual preferences and mission requirements, the SGA Stock is available in three distinct colors: Black, Flat Dark Earth, and Orange. This means that you can choose the color that best suits your personal style or tactical needs. Whichever color you choose, you can trust that this buttstock is made with the utmost quality and craftsmanship, proudly made in the U.S.A.

In summary, the Magpul SGA Remington 870 - Orange is a highly adjustable and versatile buttstock that brings Magpul design and engineering to the classic Remington 870 shotgun. With features such as a spacer system for length of pull adjustment, improved grip ergonomics, ambidextrous design, and a recoil-reducing butt-pad, this buttstock enhances the performance of your Remington 870 and ensures a comfortable shooting experience. Choose the color that suits your personal style and trust in the quality of this American-made product.
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