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Magpul MS1 Multi Mission Sling Nylon Ranger Green

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The Magpul MS1 Multi Mission Sling Nylon Ranger Green is a highly versatile addition to the Magpul line of rifle slings. It is a dedicated two-point sling that can easily be converted into a one-point sling with the use of optional adapters.

The MS1 Sling features the innovative MS1 slider, which allows for rapid adjustments to the length of the sling. Once set, the sling does not slip and there are no tails, loops, or other potential snag hazards to worry about. This ensures a secure and hassle-free carrying experience.

In a two-point role, the MS1 Sling enables easy shoulder transitions, providing quick adjustability for hands-free rifle carry and shooting support from various positions. It offers exceptional flexibility and adaptability to meet your specific needs in the field.

The MS1 system also offers a range of adapters, which can be purchased separately. These adapters are based on the popular MS3 and MS4 slings, and when added to the MS1, they provide one-point functionality. This allows for even greater versatility in how the sling can be used.

To ensure durability and reliability, the MS1 Sling has undergone extensive testing. It has been subjected to tens of thousands of cycles in wet, dry, and sandy conditions. It has also undergone static load testing without any slipping for 72 hours and rigorous six-foot dynamic drop tests. In addition to controlled lab tests, the MS1 Sling has been tested in real-world scenarios such as swimming, jumping, hunting, and hiking in rugged field conditions.

Made entirely in the USA, the MS1 Sling is fully Berry Amendment compliant. It features custom 1-1/4" wide nylon webbing that is not only strong and wear resistant but also lightweight. The hardware of the sling is made of heavy-duty polymer, ensuring durability while keeping the overall weight of the sling minimal.

With its versatility, durability, and Made in USA quality, the Magpul MS1 Multi Mission Sling Nylon Ranger Green is a reliable choice for any rifle enthusiast or professional in need of a high-quality sling system.
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