HiViz Litewave H3 Night Sights For Glock 17-19 Green-Orange

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  • HiViz Litewave H3 Night Sights For Glock 17-19 Green-Orange
  • HiViz Litewave H3 Night Sights For Glock 17-19 Green-Orange
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* Durable steel housing with matte black finish

The HiViz Litewave H3 Night Sights for Glock 17-19 Green-Orange is the ultimate solution for enhancing your shooting experience in any light condition. With a perfect combination of Tritium and Litepipe technology, these sights provide exceptional illumination for accurate aiming and target acquisition.

Whether you are on the range under bright sunlight or tackling a critical shot in the darkness of night, the HiViz Litewave H3 will never let you down. The innovative Tritium technology ensures a consistent and glowing sight picture that remains highly visible in low-light situations. The Tritium elements have a half-life of up to 12 years, ensuring long-lasting reliability for your sights.

Designed to fit Glock 17-19 models, these night sights feature a green tritium front sight with an orange ring, providing a highly contrasting and easy-to-see sight picture. The rear sight is also orange, allowing for quick acquisition of targets with excellent sight alignment.

Crafted from durable steel, the HiViz Litewave H3 night sights are built to withstand rugged use and harsh environments. The matte black finish adds a sleek and professional look to your Glock, while also minimizing glare and distractions.

One of the standout features of these night sights is their superior visibility in all light conditions. No matter the environment or time of day, these sights will ensure you never miss a shot. Whether you are a competitive shooter, law enforcement professional, or self-defense enthusiast, the HiViz Litewave H3 night sights will improve your shooting accuracy and confidence.

Upgrade your Glock 17-19 with the HiViz Litewave H3 Night Sights and experience unparalleled visibility and performance. With their exceptional durability, advanced Tritium technology, and precise aiming capabilities, these sights will quickly become a must-have accessory for any Glock owner. Equip yourself with the best and conquer any shooting situation with ease.
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