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Gold Tip Force Foc Shafts 250 1 Doz.

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The Gold Tip Force FOC Shafts 250 1 Doz. are ideal for archers who prioritize lightweight, yet high F.O.C. (front of center) design in their arrows. Made from pure carbon, these shafts offer the perfect combination of strength and flexibility. With a 250 spine rating, they provide exceptional accuracy and consistency shot after shot.

Measuring at .304 inches in outer diameter and .001 inches in straightness, these shafts offer superior durability and precision. The straightness tolerance of +/- .001 inches ensures that each arrow flies straight and true, improving accuracy and reducing the risk of deflection. The 9.8 GPI (grains per inch) weight ensures a balanced and smooth flight.

One of the standout features of the Gold Tip Force FOC Shafts is the .246 inch inner diameter, which allows for easy customization and compatibility with various broadhead and nock options. This versatility allows archers to tailor their arrows to meet specific shooting requirements.

With a tolerance of +/- .5 grain weight, these shafts offer precise weight consistency, which is crucial for accurate shooting. Each shaft undergoes multiple laser full-shaft straightness sorting, ensuring that only the straightest and most precise shafts are included in each dozen.

Included with each purchase are brass and aluminum inserts. The brass inserts provide additional weight to fine-tune the balance of the arrow, while the aluminum inserts offer a lightweight alternative for those who prefer a lighter setup. By allowing the archer to choose the preferred insert material, Gold Tip provides greater customization options to suit individual shooting styles.

Whether you are a competitive archer or a hunter, the Gold Tip Force FOC Shafts 250 1 Doz. provide the perfect combination of durability, precision, and customization. Experience enhanced accuracy with these lightweight, high F.O.C. carbon shafts, and take your archery skills to the next level.
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