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Gold Tip Force Foc Arrows 400 Raptor Vanes 6pk

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The Gold Tip Force Foc Arrows 400 Raptor Vanes 6pk are top-quality arrows that have been designed with precision and performance in mind. Made from pure carbon, these arrows are not only incredibly lightweight but also offer a high F.O.C. (Front of Center) design, giving you better accuracy and precision with every shot.

The 400 spine ensures that these arrows have the perfect balance between flexibility and stiffness, allowing for optimal performance in terms of speed, accuracy, and penetration. The 2 raptor vanes provide excellent stabilization and trajectory, allowing you to hit your target with precision every time.

With a diameter of .291 inches, these arrows offer the perfect balance between durability and speed. The .001 straightness ensures that each arrow flies true and straight, giving you consistent and reliable performance. The 7.4 GPI (Grains Per Inch) weight further enhances the arrow's performance, allowing for faster and more accurate shots.

For added convenience and customization, these arrows come with a .246 inner diameter. This allows you to easily add different inserts, giving you the ability to modify the arrows to your specific needs. With the inclusion of brass and aluminum inserts, you have the flexibility to change the arrow's weight, balance, and penetration, making it suitable for a wide range of archery applications.

What sets these arrows apart is Gold Tip's commitment to quality and precision. Each arrow undergoes multiple laser full-shaft straightness sorting, ensuring that you receive arrows that fly straight and true, shot after shot. With a +/- .5 grain weight tolerance and a +/- .001" straightness tolerance, you can trust that these arrows meet the highest industry standards, delivering consistent and repeatable accuracy.

In conclusion, the Gold Tip Force Foc Arrows 400 Raptor Vanes 6pk is a must-have for any archery enthusiast looking to enhance their performance. With their lightweight construction, high F.O.C. design, and precision engineering, these arrows offer unmatched speed, accuracy, and reliability. Whether you're a professional archer or a recreational shooter, these arrows will undoubtedly elevate your archery experience.
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