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Dirt Nap Gear Hd Drt Broadheads Double Bevel 150/175 Gr. 3 Pk.

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150/175 gr. weight;Modular weight system.

The Dirt Nap Gear Hd Drt Broadheads Double Bevel 150/175 Gr. 3 Pk. is the ultimate choice for any bow hunter looking for exceptional accuracy and devastating performance in the field. These broadheads are designed to deliver incredible cutting power and ensure a clean and ethical kill.

Featuring a unique modular weight system, these broadheads allow you to customize the weight to your preference, whether it be 150 gr. or 175 gr. This versatility allows you to adapt to various hunting situations and optimize your performance. With a simple adjustment, you can easily switch between the two weights, allowing for maximum flexibility and convenience.

The .051 thick Teflon coated blades on these broadheads offer exceptional durability and longevity. The Teflon coating reduces friction, resulting in improved penetration and enhanced flight. This means that your shot will stay on target, ensuring a high level of accuracy every time you release your arrow.

Not only do these broadheads feature Teflon coated blades, but they also come with bleeder blades. The addition of bleeder blades significantly increases the cutting surface, leading to a larger wound channel and increased damage upon impact. This ensures that the target is efficiently taken down, reducing the risk of wounding and ensuring a quick and ethical kill.

The double bevel design on these broadheads further contributes to their outstanding performance. This design enhances accuracy and stability by creating a sharp and precise cutting edge. With the double bevel, these broadheads can easily penetrate tough hide and bone, effectively taking down even the biggest game.

Invest in the Dirt Nap Gear Hd Drt Broadheads Double Bevel 150/175 Gr. 3 Pk. and equip yourself with the most reliable and effective broadheads on the market. With their modular weight system, Teflon coated blades, bleeder blades, and double bevel design, these broadheads are guaranteed to deliver unparalleled performance, accuracy, and terminal performance.
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