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Crimson Trace CT-RAD Micro Reflex Dot Sights

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The Crimson Trace CT-RAD Micro Reflex Dot Sights is an exceptional piece of firearm accessory that will take your shooting experience to a whole new level. With its compact and lightweight design, this reflex sight is perfect for shooters of all levels, from beginners to professionals.

Featuring a sleek and stylish black finish, the CT-RAD Micro is not just a sight but also a statement of style. Its durable construction ensures that it can withstand the rugged conditions of any shooting range or hunting expedition. Whether you're in the field or at the range, this reflex sight will always be ready to perform.

Equipped with a 5 MOA red dot, the CT-RAD Micro offers fast and accurate target acquisition. The crisp and clear dot allows for quick and precise aiming, enhancing your shooting accuracy and confidence. You won't have to worry about missing your target with this reflex sight by your side.

This compact open reflex sight is designed to provide unlimited eye relief, allowing for comfortable and natural shooting. Its low-profile design sits perfectly on your firearm, ensuring a clear and unobstructed sight picture. With the CT-RAD Micro, you'll have a clear view of your target, enhancing your overall shooting experience.

Installation of this reflex sight is quick and hassle-free. It easily attaches to a variety of firearms using the included mounting plate. The lightweight design ensures that it won't add unnecessary bulk or weight to your firearm. With the CT-RAD Micro, you'll be able to maintain the balance and handling of your firearm without sacrificing performance.

Whether you're a casual shooter or a serious competitor, the Crimson Trace CT-RAD Micro Reflex Dot Sights is a must-have accessory for your firearm. Its compact design, fast target acquisition, and easy installation make it the ideal choice for shooters of all levels. Upgrade your shooting game and experience the difference with the CT-RAD Micro.
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