CMMG AR-15 Magazine .22 LR 10 Round Polymer Black

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  • CMMG AR-15 Magazine .22 LR 10 Round Polymer Black
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The CMMG AR-15 Magazine .22 LR 10 Round Polymer Black is the perfect accessory
for any CMMG 22LR AR conversion. Designed as a standard factory replacement
magazine, it ensures a seamless shooting experience every time.

This magazine boasts a durable polymer body that can withstand heavy use in various
environments. It is built to last, ensuring longevity and reliability throughout your shooting
adventures. The sleek black color adds a touch of sophistication to your firearm, making it
stand out amongst others.

Equipped with a steel spring wire, this magazine offers enhanced feeding performance
and consistent reliability. It guarantees smooth and efficient shooting, minimizing any
potential malfunctions or jams. You can confidently rely on this magazine to keep up with
your shooting demands.

Compatible with Atchisson-type conversion systems, this magazine is engineered to
work flawlessly with your CMMG 22LR AR conversion. It fits securely and snugly, allowing
for quick and easy magazine changes. Whether you're engaging in target practice or
participating in shooting competitions, this magazine ensures seamless transitions and
continuous shooting.

The CMMG AR-15 Magazine .22 LR 10 Round Polymer Black has a generous capacity of
10 rounds of .22 Long Rifle ammunition. This offers plenty of firepower for various shooting
applications, from plinking to pest control. With this magazine, you can enjoy longer
shooting sessions without constantly reloading.

In addition to its functional features, this magazine's compact size makes it easy to carry
and store. Its lightweight design won't weigh you down during extended shooting sessions,
allowing for maximum mobility and comfort.

If you're in need of a reliable and efficient magazine for your CMMG 22LR AR conversion,
look no further than the CMMG AR-15 Magazine .22 LR 10 Round Polymer Black. It's the
perfect companion for any shooting enthusiast, offering durability, reliability, and
convenience all in one package.
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