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CMC AR-15 Match Trigger Curved 2.5 lb

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The CMC AR-15 Match Trigger Curved 2.5 lb is an innovative and high-quality trigger group designed for AR-15 and AR-10 rifles. CMC, a trusted name in the industry, has re-tooled this trigger group to enhance production capacities, improve design, and reduce costs, making it an excellent choice for every gun enthusiast.

One of the standout features of this trigger group is its easy installation process. It is a drop-in trigger, which means it can be installed quickly and effortlessly, without the need for any gunsmithing. This user-friendly design makes it ideal for both experienced shooters and beginners who want to upgrade their rifles.

The CMC AR-15 Match Trigger Curved 2.5 lb offers a positive trigger reset, ensuring a smooth and precise shooting experience. This feature allows for quick follow-up shots and enhances accuracy, giving you an edge during competitions or on the range. With this trigger group, you can expect exceptional trigger pull dynamics, providing a crisp break and a light 2.5 lb pull weight for precise shooting.

Whether you are a competitive shooter, a hunter, or simply enjoy spending time at the range, the CMC AR-15 Match Trigger Curved 2.5 lb will exceed your expectations. Its curved design provides a comfortable and ergonomic feel, allowing for a natural and steady grip. You can trust its reliability and durability, as it is built to withstand rigorous use and ensure consistent performance.

Upgrade your AR-15 or AR-10 rifle with the CMC AR-15 Match Trigger Curved 2.5 lb and experience the difference. Take advantage of its easy installation, positive trigger reset, and exceptional trigger pull dynamics. Elevate your shooting capabilities and enjoy a precise and satisfying shooting experience every time. Trust CMC for top-notch quality and performance.
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