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Carbon Express D-stroyer Arrows 400 6 Pk.

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The Carbon Express D-stroyer Arrows 400 6 Pk. is engineered with cutting-edge technology to provide unparalleled accuracy and performance. Featuring Dual Spine Weight Forward technology, these arrows deliver twice the accuracy and performance than traditional single spine arrow constructions.

With a 400 Spine, these arrows are designed to withstand powerful shots and ensure optimal penetration. The Match Weight of these arrows has been precision controlled to provide consistency, with a variance of only +/- 1.0 grains. This ensures that each arrow in the pack performs identically, allowing you to shoot with confidence every time.

When it comes to straightness, the Carbon Express D-stroyer Arrows 400 6 Pk. sets a high standard. With a straightness tolerance of only +/- .003 inches, these arrows ensure consistent flight and maximum precision. No more worrying about arrow wobbles or erratic trajectories - these arrows offer uncompromising accuracy.

Equipped with LaunchPad Nocks, these arrows allow for easy and efficient arrow release. The design of the nocks ensures a clean and smooth release from the bowstring, minimizing any interference that may affect arrow flight. This feature enhances the overall performance and accuracy of each shot.

The Carbon Express D-stroyer Arrows 400 6 Pk. also boasts Q2I 2" Rapt-X Vanes, known for their exceptional flight characteristics. These vanes provide excellent stability and control during flight, allowing the arrows to maintain their trajectory and hit the target with precision. With the combination of Dual Spine Weight Forward technology and these high-quality vanes, these arrows offer unbeatable performance on the range or in the field.

Whether you are a competitive archer or a hunting enthusiast, the Carbon Express D-stroyer Arrows 400 6 Pk. will elevate your shooting experience. With its advanced technology and superior features, these arrows deliver accuracy, consistency, and unrivaled performance with every shot. Upgrade your archery gear today with these top-of-the-line arrows and take your shooting skills to new heights.
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