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Birchwood Casey 12x18" Checkered Flag Targets 8 Pack

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  • Birchwood Casey 12x18" Checkered Flag Targets 8 Pack
  • Birchwood Casey 12x18" Checkered Flag Targets 8 Pack
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* Reactive zones for easy scoring
* Checkered Flag race game for friendly competition or solo practice
* Halo effect eliminated for clear visibility of scoring hits
* Durable construction for long-lasting use
* Convenient pack of 8 targets
* Dimensions of 12"x18" for larger target area

Birchwood Casey has once again revolutionized the shooting experience with their new Pregame™ Targets. These targets not only provide a fun and challenging game for shooters, but also offer advanced technology that enhances visibility and scoring accuracy.

One of the standout features of these targets is the reactive zones. Unlike traditional targets, the Pregame Targets have specific areas that react to each shot. This means that shots outside of the main aiming points will no longer create a halo effect, making it easier than ever to see and score hits accurately. This allows shooters to track their progress and make improvements with each shot fired.

The Checkered Flag race game is one of the exciting games included with these targets. Shooters can compete against each other or challenge themselves against the clock. With dozens of different possibilities, this game will keep shooters engaged and motivated to improve their skills.

Manufactured with durability in mind, these targets are designed to last. They are constructed with quality materials that can withstand the impact of multiple shots. This ensures that shooters can continue to enjoy these targets for many shooting sessions to come.

The package includes a convenient pack of eight targets. This allows shooters to stock up and have plenty of targets for multiple sessions. The targets have dimensions of 12"x18", providing a larger target area for increased challenge and precision.

Overall, Birchwood Casey’s 12x18" Checkered Flag Targets 8 Pack offers a unique and engaging shooting experience. Whether shooting alone or competing with others, these targets will enhance precision, accuracy, and enjoyment. So gear up, grab your firearm, and get ready to take your shooting skills to the next level with Birchwood Casey’s Pregame Targets.
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