Archangel 597 Conversion Stock Remington 597 Black Polymer

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  • Archangel 597 Conversion Stock Remington 597 Black Polymer
  • Archangel 597 Conversion Stock Remington 597 Black Polymer
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The Archangel 597 Conversion Stock for the Remington 597 Black Polymer allows you to take your Remington 597 Carbine to the next level. With the Archangel, you can transform your firearm into an advanced rimfire system, enabling you to enjoy the benefits of modern accessories and optics.

Built with the utmost precision and quality, the Archangel is manufactured entirely from Mil-Spec battle-proven polymers. This ensures its durability and reliability, making it far from being just a toy. Whether you are a professional shooter or a passionate enthusiast, this conversion stock is designed to meet the demands of serious users.

The standard model of the Archangel includes an upper receiver housing with an integral Picatinny rail. This allows for easy attachment of various accessories and optics, giving you the flexibility to customize your firearm for specific shooting needs. The lower receiver housing features a comfortable pistol grip with a built-in storage compartment, providing easy access to small essentials.

One of the standout features of the Archangel is the six-position combat stock. Designed for optimal ergonomics and versatility, this stock not only offers a comfortable shooting experience but also incorporates a storage compartment in its extension tube. This ensures that you can securely store extra items at all times.

To enhance the customization possibilities, the Archangel comes with a free float handguard with Picatinny rails at the twelve o'clock (top) and six o'clock (bottom) positions. These additional rails allow you to attach even more accessories, further expanding the functionality of your firearm. For even more versatility, it is recommended to consider adding the PM003D rail.

Finally, the Archangel offers a unique muzzle device with a Picatinny rail and Bayonet Lug. This Lug accepts the Archangel Display bayonet, adding not only aesthetic appeal but also the option for close-quarter combat readiness.

Experience the true potential of your Remington 597 Carbine with the Archangel 597 Conversion Stock. Upgrade to the next level of performance and make the most out of your firearm with this advanced rimfire system.
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