AmeriGlo Trooper Sight Glock 42/43 Green Tritium

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  • AmeriGlo Trooper Sight Glock 42/43 Green Tritium
  • AmeriGlo Trooper Sight Glock 42/43 Green Tritium
  • AmeriGlo Trooper Sight Glock 42/43 Green Tritium
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The AmeriGlo Trooper Sight Glock 42/43 Green Tritium is a must-have accessory for any avid hand-gunner. AmeriGlo is well-known for its commitment to manufacturing top-notch tritium, painted dot, fiber rod, and custom OEM iron sights, and this product is no exception. With its impressive features and compatibility with leading firearm brands, the AmeriGlo Trooper Sight will undoubtedly enhance your shooting experience both on and off the range.

Equipped with a green tritium lamp, this sight set ensures high visibility under all lighting conditions. Whether you're shooting in bright daylight or dimly lit environments, you can rely on these sights to provide optimal clarity and precision. The front sight comes with your choice of an orange or luminescent green outline, along with two green tritium lamp rear sights designed specifically for Glocks.

One of the standout features of the AmeriGlo Trooper Sight is its LumiGreen paint. This innovative technology allows the sights to glow brightly for up to 10 minutes after being exposed to light. With this feature, you can easily acquire your target even in low-light situations. Whether you're out at dusk or navigating a poorly lit indoor range, you'll always have a clear line of sight with these sights.

Designed to fit Glock 42, 43, and 43X models, this sight set perfectly aligns with their dimensions, ensuring a seamless integration. The front sight boasts a green tritium LumiLime outline, while the rear sight features a green tritium black serrated design. With this combination, you'll have a well-rounded sight picture that helps you quickly and accurately acquire your target.

Investing in the AmeriGlo Trooper Sight Glock 42/43 Green Tritium is a wise choice for any discerning hand-gunner. With its unparalleled visibility, innovative LumiGreen paint, and compatibility with popular Glock models, this sight set brings a clear advantage to your shooting experience. Elevate your shooting game and enjoy optimal precision with the AmeriGlo Trooper Sight.
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