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Elftmann Ar-10 Trigger Curved Fa

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* Curved trigger for a more ergonomic and comfortable feel
* Short trigger reset for faster follow-up shots
* Clean and crisp break with minimal overtravel
* Aerospace grade sealed bearings for an incredibly smooth and fast trigger pull
* Precision machined from aluminum for durability and reliability

The Elftmann AR-10 Trigger is designed for those who demand the highest standards in their firearms. Whether you are a competitive shooter, a law enforcement officer, or a serious firearms enthusiast, this trigger will enhance your shooting experience and give you the edge you need.

One of the standout features of this trigger is its adjustability. With a pull weight range of 2 3/4lbs to 4lbs, you can easily customize the trigger to suit your preferences. And the best part? You can make these adjustments in seconds without removing the trigger from your lower receiver. This means that you can fine-tune the trigger to your liking without any hassle or inconvenience.

Another great feature of the Elftmann AR-10 Trigger is its drop safety. Regardless of the pull weight you choose, this trigger is engineered to be drop safe. You can have the peace of mind knowing that your firearm will never accidentally discharge, even if it were to be dropped.

The curved trigger design adds a level of comfort and ergonomics that is often overlooked in other triggers. It allows for a more natural and comfortable finger placement, reducing fatigue during long shooting sessions. Additionally, the short trigger reset enables faster follow-up shots, giving you a competitive advantage on the range.

Crafted from aerospace grade sealed bearings, this trigger provides an incredibly smooth and fast trigger pull. The precision machined aluminum construction ensures durability and reliability, making this trigger capable of handling the punishment of high-powered calibers.

In conclusion, the Elftmann AR-10 Trigger is a top-tier trigger that delivers exceptional performance and reliability. With its adjustable pull weight, drop safety, ergonomic design, and smooth trigger pull, it is a must-have upgrade for any AR-10 enthusiast. Elevate your shooting experience with the Elftmann AR-10 Trigger Curved Fa.
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