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Carbon Express Thunder Express Arrows Black 26 In. 72 Pk.

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with durable vanes;Black color for a sleek and stylish look;Pack of 72 arrows for extended use.

The Carbon Express Thunder Express Arrows Black 26 In. 72 Pk. is the perfect choice for youth archers looking to enhance their skills and improve their accuracy. Crafted with high-quality fiberglass, these arrows offer excellent durability and performance that will withstand countless practice sessions and target shooting.

Each arrow in this pack is meticulously factory fletched with durable vanes, ensuring consistent flight and trajectory every time. The fletching not only enhances the arrow's stability but also aids in maintaining straight and precise shooting. The combination of the fiberglass construction and high-quality fletching makes these arrows ideal for beginners and young archers, providing them with the proper tools to develop their skills and achieve better results.

The Carbon Express Thunder Express Arrows come pre-equipped with nocks and target points installed, making them ready to use right out of the package. This convenient feature saves you time and effort, allowing you to focus on honing your archery skills instead of the hassle of assembling individual components. The nocks ensure a secure fit on the bowstring, providing consistent and reliable release with each shot. The target points are accurately installed, further aiding in precision shooting and ensuring your arrows hit their intended mark.

With a sleek and stylish black color, these arrows provide a modern and dynamic look. The black finish adds a touch of sophistication to your archery gear and distinguishes your arrows from standard ones, making them easily recognizable on the range or field.

This pack includes a total of 72 arrows, providing you with an ample supply to accommodate longer practice sessions and extended shooting sessions. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced archer, having a large quantity of arrows at your disposal ensures uninterrupted practice and more time honing your skills.

Invest in the Carbon Express Thunder Express Arrows Black 26 In. 72 Pk. and take your archery game to the next level. With their high-quality construction, factory-installed components, sleek design, and generous quantity, these arrows are an essential addition to any youth archer's arsenal.
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